Friendly Chapel Teens

Our student ministries revolve around teenagers in 7th-12th grades.  Wednesday evenings are packed full of fun and learning in relation to God’s Word and His teachings.  We also encourage teen involvement in our Sunday School classes. 

Wednesday Evening Classes (6:00 p.m.)

Orlando Moore teacher:  8th-12th grade boys and girls (meet in the east building)

Mike Coleman teacher:  6th-7th grade boys (meet in the east building)

Sandra Rodgers teacher:  6th-7th grade girls (meet in the east building)


Sunday School Classes (10:00 a.m. Sunday Mornings)

Orlando Moore teacher:  9th-12th grade boys and girls (meet in worship center-upstairs left side)

Lawrence Cheatham teacher:  7th-8th grade boys and girls (meet in the worship center-upstairs right side)

Throughout the year, Friendly Chapel allows our teens to participate in 3 major events:  Saw You At the Pole, Extravaganza, and Summer Camps (activities).  Extravaganza is a trip taken to Oklahoma City, OK to prep individuals for the college atmosphere.  During this event, teenagers are encouraged to showcase their talents and skills through many activities like: basketball, football, soccer, tennis, ping pong, singing, drama, art, etc.  This trip is usually taken at the end of May.

There are also rallies that our teenagers participate in like Saw You at the Pole and our Summer Camps and activities. These rallies/activities are designed to strengthen your teenager’s Christian walk along with having a good time.  The SYATP rally is at the end of August and the Summer Camps take place mid-August or sometime in July.

For more information, please contact Orlando Moore.  Email address:

Wednesday Evening Service: 6:00-7:00 p.m.
Sunday Morning Sunday School: 10:00-10:35 a.m.

*We are currently also trying to start a teen Bible team for the district.  If you have a teen interested, please let me or Lawrence Cheatham know.  Thanks and blessings!!

Youth Pastor, Orlando +