To our Friends & Co-laborers with CHRIST:                                   September 12, 2016


Well I write this on Monday in between funerals for two special Friendly Chapel people.  The 32nd and 33rd funerals this year – number 34 is on Wednesday and there are still almost four months left in this year…  I’m asking myself, why am I writing a newsletter about funerals for heaven’s sake?  Maybe it’s because I am just spent, or it’s because, like it or not, funerals are a big part of life.  Maybe it’s because the service this morning for Jack Payne was a celebration because nearly three years ago Jack chose to answer an invitation to accept CHRIST as his Savior at his sister-in-law’s funeral here at Friendly Chapel.  Jack was maybe the most excited 70 + year old follower of JESUS I’ve known.   Jack’s testimony was seen and there were five who by faith received CHRIST at his service!!  I guess I may be writing about funerals because it is about HEAVEN’S SAKE.  I may be writing about them because funerals aren’t cheap, but there is no expense from the Friendly Chapel end.  One of the last conversations I had with my dad, I asked him a question… I said, “Dad, I understand if it’s a church member’s funeral or maybe a member of the church member’s family we wouldn’t charge anything, but if no connection to the church shouldn’t we charge for the food, electricity, building use, or your services?  (I knew dad had performed 19 funerals that year that had no connection to the church.)  Dad smiled pulled out a little slide-out shelf from his desk, leaned back, put his feet up on the shelf and said, “Bub, are we called to serve or not?  If we are not called to serve then let’s take down the church sign.  We have a lot of facilities.  Let’s take down the church sign and start making some money.”  Maybe I am writing about funerals because the church sign is still up some 550 + funerals later.


Come kick-off the 30th annual fish fry with us on Thursday 22nd at 6:30 p.m. here in the gym.  We promise not to talk about funerals for Heaven’s Sake!!  We won’t promise not to talk about Heaven.  You know it will be the best Chili and Soup of the year thanks to the Cyperts.   Sis. Shirley Fisher and Sis. Cathy McGlothin’s desserts and Sis. Dorothy Romes cornbread isn’t bad either!


Romans 10: 9 & 10 ~ Ephesians 2: 8 & 9 ~ John 17:3 ~ John 3:16

in HIS grip,


Bro. Paul, Jr.