Hello website I never see!

I’m not a computer person, but I am aware that we live in a computer age. So, I pray that we are able to be a little blessing thru this website acknowledging the fact that real ministry and blessings always come thru human touch. It is so much our heart and desire that – to the hurting – we are the heart, hands, and feet of our Savior.

I ended my last posting (listen to that computer lingo) by telling the story of Herman telling me “I was worth” waiting on. I then thanked him thru tears for telling me how he felt about me, because we never know what people think unless they say it. Now, our mommas gave us good advice when they taught us “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything!” Or, as my old buddy, Ray Mingo, from Colonial Bread has taught me thru the last few years when I’d get short with someone, “Paul, it’s just as easy to be nice!”. So, if we have something nice to say, say it. That’s exactly what my sweet friend Claudette Car did. She read the website, (blog), and just started in, encouraging me, and ended her note saying, “Remember that we agree with Herman that you are worth it!” I received that letter on March 2nd, today is the 22nd and it still sits on my desk! Say it – you won’t regret it.

The greatest coach who ever lived, and one of the greatest teachers who ever lived, was asked “Coach, when you’re gone from this world, how would you like to be remembered?” Coach John Wooden, who led the U.C.L.A. Bruins to 10 National Championships, and an unprecedented 88 game winning streak; Coach Wooden, who was a coach to coaches and a teacher of men (right up to 100 years of age) said, “I’d like for it to be remembered of John Wooden that he was considerate of others.” — Me too.

Romans 12:10